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Open Technology Trading is ISO 9001, ISO TS 16949, ISO 14001 certified.

The 2 production lines for aluminium and plastic transformation and the new chroming plant, more than 100 meters long and the only of its kind on the Central and Southern American territory, guarantee the production of a wide range of items. OTT is capable of implementing the following treatments: brushed-bright satin, nickel-black, paint over chrome, body color paint or mold-in color polymer, chromable substrates: ABS and PC+ABS, micro porous, micro crack and other types of finishing based on the volume. Open Technology Trading  is right now developing  the trivalent process.
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Some information about the new chroming plant:

  • Line of European concept based on the recovery of prime materials and on saving water
  • Plant conceived with respect for European environmental norms
  • Automatic dosage of additives for the various treatments
  • Communications data through Wi-Fi connection
  • Archiving of all process data for up to one year
  • Possibility of effecting various finishes
  • Personalization of the process for every product
  • Synergic design made to simplify all maintenance operations

The features of such a plant along with the experience of our staff and the company structure allow us to propose innovative solutions that emphasize the customer’s identity and to create any product in collaboration with the client’s own technical staff. Finding a solution with the customer and producing it rapidly using the most advanced aluminum and plastic methods. The care in the achievement of the products guarantees an excellent quality and a perfect integration of aesthetics, functionality and compliance with testing.