CSR is a business factor which stimulates the continual search for a balance between compliance with regulations, competitive decisions, consistency with our values system, and the different points of view of stakeholders.

We have a substantial approach to csr : the sustainable development issues that are most relevant to the business are managed and integrated in the company’s processes.

A responsible growth taking into account the social, economic and environmental implications: this is one of our main objectives. Open Technology Trading has consolidated an environmental culture that it shares with its stakeholders in the full conviction that safeguarding the environment is not only a fundamental moral value but a strategic factor of competitiveness and sustainability in the business model.

The Group’s approach to managing environmental impacts embraces the entire life cycle of products.

This implies a significant commitment to:

  • develop a sustainable product culture;
  • reduce polluting emissions and energy consumption;
  • constantly optimize the use of resources;
  • ensure total recyclability of materials and waste;

We operate a program aimed at reducing energy use and its associated emissions of c O². This program trains employees to understand energy use and sets specific annual goals to reduce our energy consumption. We also identify and execute projects around the reduction of energy consumption at our facilities.

Open Technolgy Trading recognizes that its operations impact a wide community of stakeholders, inclu-ding investors, employees, customers, business associates and local communities. Therefore, the company has a wide range of initiatives to support health, safety and environmental activities. The activities include advanced manufacturing facilities, design to international standards, a high level of training for chemical operators, and segregation of raw materials and finished goods. Waste water treatment and pollution aba -tement equipment meets or exceeds local compliance requirements.

Open Technolgy Trading believes in the importance of investing in and developing its most valued asset: its employees. We utilize a variety of programs tailored to help them enhance their performance, set and achieve objectives, and develop their leadership skills. In addition, we recognize and reward their achieve -ments. Our programs are based on the following values: customer and Marketplace-oriented Innovation; Teamwork and c ollaboration; Enthusiasm and Passion; r esults-orientation; People-orientation; and, Flexibility, r esponsiveness, and Agility.
We believe that these efforts are an important reason for our ability to consistently help create added value for our customers.